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What You Need to Know About Constructability Review

What is a constructability review and how can it benefit you? Simply put, constructability reviews determine the feasibility of construction for a certain project. They are the answer to the following question: are the client’s visions and goals realistic? Can they be executed in a safe, reliable, and structurally sound manner? While that is the gist of a constructability review, there are many additional details that go into it. Considerations like the overall feasibility, the quality of the final result, how quickly it can be completed, what it will cost, and additional potential hurdles all come into play. As a prospective property owner, understanding the ins and outs of a constructability review will help you make informed decisions about your project.

What is a Constructability Review?

Setting realistic expectations is key to any successful construction project. A constructability review helps establish what can and cannot be done. Regardless of the industry, whether it’s retail, auto dealerships, or another commercial property, clients have visions of what they want for their properties. This is perfectly normal and in an ideal world, we would be able to deliver on all of those expectations. In reality, however, some clients’ expectations are simply not doable.

For example, a prospective client may be considering purchasing a building that they plan to convert to a life science building in. In this hypothetical scenario, the client may come to our team at Gidel & Kocal with a business plan, drawings, and an exhaustive list of criteria in place. While all of this is extremely helpful, it will only be useful if the building can accommodate it. Life science conversions have unique safety and sanitation requirements that are unlike other commercial construction projects. These buildings have to have certain existing structural systems, meet specific lab requirements, and adhere to mandates set by governmental and environmental agencies. Some buildings have the existing infrastructure to be transformed into life science buildings while others need to be completely overhauled. A constructability review will assess how extensive the project will be in terms of budget, design development, and timeline. It will first ask, “Can it be done?” If the answer is yes, it will then ask, “How?”

The aforementioned example is of a life science conversion, but constructability reviews are relevant for all projects regardless of the industry. At Gidel & Kocal, we regularly perform constructability reviews as part of our pre-construction services for industries including auto dealerships, retail, medical facilities, financial institutions, and other commercial spaces.

Who Conducts a Constructability Review?

General contractors like Gidel & Kocal conduct constructability reviews. Construction companies like ours have the infrastructure in place to understand how feasible a build will be. Our experienced professionals have been performing constructability reviews since our inception back in 1980. We know what tests and inspections to run to determine how extensive an undertaking any given project may be. While one or two people may present the final audit, multiple parties may be called upon to provide insight. It therefore only makes sense to work with a general contractor that has a network of industry connections. We pride ourselves on being the right partner for all commercial construction needs. This means the constructability review we provide will be comprehensive and thorough, with intel from fellow industry experts like subcontractors.

Advantages of Constructability Reviews

What You Need To Know About Constructability Review- Rewritten

There are numerous advantages to conducting a constructability review prior to construction. A constructability evaluation may result in higher-quality bids as well as fewer addenda, clarifications, and bid date slippage before construction begins. Constructability reviews can also help resolve disputes and ambiguities during project execution, which reduces issues once construction is underway. It also keeps projects on schedule and within budget.

Clients who understand the value of constructability reviews often see a decrease in change orders, as there tends to be fewer issues brought on by re-works.

The best way to summarize the benefits of constructability reviews is in the following three words: setting realistic expectations. This form of pre-construction analysis first determines if a project can be done. If it can, it then explores how it will be executed, what measures need to be put in place, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Having these parameters laid out ahead of time keeps everyone on the same page and promotes a more cohesive workflow.

Choose Gidel & Kocal Construction Co. for Your Constructability Review

Gidel & Kocal Construction is fully committed to providing the highest level of service and value for all our clients. We are proud to be a full-service construction company in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a range of commercial construction services. Our unwavering commitment to quality starts with a foundation of honesty and integrity. Constructability reviews are performed with total transparency to ensure that both our clients and our team members are aligned from the very beginning. If you are interested in working with us for any of our construction services, we encourage you to contact us today! 

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