Feb 25

What is Commercial Building Maintenance and Why is it Important?

Façade Repair and Restoration

Repair and restoration of façades are critical for making a good first impression. Windows, concrete, and other elements make up the building façade. Over time, paint can chip and metal can rust.

Exterior Waterproofing

Focusing on waterproofing and sealant services is crucial. Without sufficient waterproofing, the structure could be subject to bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Moreover, defects in the waterproof sealant on the exterior can result in greater energy expenditures and weaken the integrity of the building materials. Working with commercial building maintenance professionals who have the necessary training and expertise to evaluate the building envelope may be beneficial.

Repair of Parking Garages and Restoration or Repair of Concrete

What is Commercial Building Maintenance and Why is it Important?

It’s important to assess the state of the material after taking into account your company’s need for external maintenance and building services. Concrete hardens over months and years, which makes it subject to cracking over time. This can happen anywhere, including in parking garages, concrete lots, or sidewalks in front of the building. Each fracture presents a chance for water to enter and become trapped. The stability and strength of the concrete are eroded when the water freezes. Thankfully, concrete can be strengthened by using fibers and additives.

Additional Safety System Upkeep

The building’s exterior also has a variety of safety features intended to keep both and bystanders safe and healthy. Window cleaning and sealant teams can be kept safe with rooftop anchorage evaluations. OSHA compliance checks and even fire safety system maintenance may be part of safety system maintenance, depending on the layout of the facility. Consider a Building Upgrade with Gidel & Kocal Construction Co. 

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