Service Regions

If you're searching for a construction company in the Bay Area or other nearby places in California, choose Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc. We specialize in construction work throughout San Francisco & the surrounding areas, so feel free to come to us for assistance today.

Our business strategy is to be accessible and involved with our clients, making our extensive service area beneficial. Over the years, our commitment to servicing the needs of clients has taken us as far as Mexico and points throughout the western United States.

When you need an expert construction company in California, come to Gidel & Kocal Construction and see the professional solutions we provide.

Services Offered

As a full-service construction company, Gidel & Kocal will work with you from start to finish, assisting you with every step in the process. Our teams focus on several preconstruction services, including:

  • Budgeting
  • Developing Designs
  • Value Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating Costs
  • Reviewing Plans
  • Evaluating Constructability
  • Analyzing Existing Facilities

At Gidel & Kocal Construction Company, Inc., we also provide several general construction services, such as:

  • Supervising Site Safety
  • Reporting on Project Progress
  • Coordinating Vendors and Clients
  • Bidding on Projects
  • Managing and Scheduling Subcontractors
  • Submitting Permits
  • Coordinating Documents
  • Procuring Materials

Benefits of Working With a Local Company

Precise Scheduling

With a local construction company, it's easier to coordinate all teams. Workers will be available to complete your project in a timely fashion.

Enhanced Communication

When you work with a local company, it's easier to stay in contact. We can easily meet and speak with you whenever it's necessary.

Trusted Local Reputation

Since we work with people throughout the Bay Area, you can learn about their experience working with us and how we benefit the community.

Increased Community Understanding

We've completed many projects in the area, so we understand the landscape, local regulations and other area construction requirements.

Efficient Cost-Savings

Local companies like Gidel and Kocal know who to partner with in the area. Since we personally subcontract out 95% of our work, you save time on the labor and transportation costs necessary to bring in another team.

Types of Projects We Work On



We have experience with constructing and remodeling numerous commercial buildings. We've completed healthcare facilities, financial buildings and more. Our team is ready to assist you with any commercial project you have.



Our teams will work with you to create a shopping experience you and your customers enjoy. Whether you're looking to build a big-box store or a local candy shop, Gidel & Kocal has the expertise necessary to complete the job.


Tenant Improvements

Upgrade your existing space with tenant improvements! Whether it’s installing decorative amenities to level up your space or replacing old flooring or ceilings, Gidel & Kocal can make your space feel brand new again.

Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships

From renovations to ground-up construction, our team of experts know how to build your premium auto dealership. Make your facility stand apart from the rest in a combative selling environment with construction by Gidel & Kocal.

Life Science

Life Science

From wet and dry laboratories to cleanrooms and vivariums, our team of expert builders understands the special requirements that go into creating a lab space that follows the necessary protocols and safety features.


Healthcare Facilities

For the last 40 years, Gidel & Kocal has succeeded in keeping up with healthcare design and construction. As regulations in the medical field change, we will ensure your facility meets these requirements while creating a beautiful space for you and your patients to enjoy.


Financial Institutions

Today's banking customers demand maximum convenience, service and security. Appearance also matters — partner with a financial institution construction firm that understands how to overcome the design challenges you face.

Building renovation

Building Renovations

Have you outgrown an existing commercial facility and time for an upgrade to meet your customers' evolving requirements and attract new business? Gidel & Kocal can transform your building to enhance its functionality and optimize its aesthetic appeal.


When you work with us, you will know that our ultimate goal is to keep your project on schedule and within budget. Our team understands the importance of these two factors during the construction phase. We'll guide you through the entire process to ensure exceptional results.

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