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Time to market is a critical consideration for life science companies. As a result, construction projects must embrace momentum, without compromising quality or safety. As experienced builders in the life science sector, we understand cleanroom and lab requirements, the complexities of support systems, and the everyday needs of users. Gidel & Kocal’s life science teams continue to prove that they can meet ambitious schedules while maintaining protocols for cutting-edge biosciences facilities.

Life Sciences Construction Projects by Gidel & Kocal:

Wet and Dry Laboratories

‣ We have the training to prepare an area that is safe for chemical exposure or dry enough to protect electronics from moisture.

High Containment Labs

‣ These lab areas must contain potentially harmful chemicals to protect workers, students and other users.


‣ Clean spaces are perfect for research because they are controlled environments with minimal pollutants such as dust, chemicals and aerosols.


‣ These rooms provide a stable environment for plants and animals needed for scientific research.

Aseptic Facilities

‣ Controlled rooms create a clean area with few pollutants for applications like surgery.

Pilot Plants

‣ These plants are part of a manufacturing facility to test and prepare new drugs, usually built before approval.

CGMP Warehouses

‣ A warehouse adhering to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) is a pharmaceutical facility that complies with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for drug storage and transportation.

Manufacturing Facilities

‣ Biotech manufacturing facilities must maintain specific conditions, so their design needs to consider sterilization and cleaning requirements.

Office and Support Space

‣ We design custom offices and other workspaces that fit your budget and design goals.

Nitrome Biosciences

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Why Hire Professional Life Science Builders?

If you need to complete projects in the life science sector, working with life science construction companies that are familiar with biotech industry trends is crucial. The life science field has many specific regulations and qualifications that your building must follow. An experienced life sciences design and build construction company will have background information on these requirements to help you avoid violations. Suppose your contractor is unfamiliar with the regulations in place for labs and other life science facilities and you're unable to catch their mistakes in time. You may have to plan for rework or even restart the project. Unexperienced workers might be unsure where to begin their research. Working with a capable company will save you time and money. Plus, an expert team has experience building spaces like a new lab for your facility.

Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc. is an experienced life sciences construction company serving the Bay Area. We work with you from start to finish to adhere to industry regulations and give you a construction plan that fits your goals and budget.


Why Choose Gidel & Kocal for Life Science Construction?

With over 40 years of experience as life general contractors in the Bay Area, Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc. can help you accomplish any construction goal. We recently became a woman-owned business, and our team is proud to work with companies of all sizes. We're here to streamline your construction goals and work with you along the way.

When you work with us on yourconstruction project, you get:

  • Knowledgeable professionals: Our decades of experience and project history provide a rich background of industry knowledge. We work to stay up to date on industry news and changes.
  • Pre-construction services: Take advantage of a series of pre-construction services to plan out the project before we start building. Pre-construction services include budgeting, analyzing the location and designing the addition, removal or conversion.
  • General construction services: If you need general construction advice or services, we can help. Our capabilities reach beyond the life sciences industry.
  • Dedicated service: We want to actualize your goals. Our representatives communicate with you throughout the entire process to ensure your satisfaction.

We're confident that we're the right partner for your construction needs. To learn more about our life science building services in the Bay Area, submit a contact form.

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