“Gidel & Kocal helped us with a very complex project in downtown Berkeley, where we essentially re-designed the entire interior of the building to include restroom upgrades, complete demo and rebuild of all existing suites, new fire sprinkler system installation, and lobby upgrade. While there were many issues that came up over the course of this 9-month build out (that’s what happens with old buildings!), Gidel & Kocal was extremely responsive, went above and beyond to work with city officials to expedite permits, and came up with creative solutions to help us with our endless questions. There was never an issue they weren’t willing to investigate, and even better, they kept it fun along the way!”

— Kristy Michelmore, RPA, BOMI-HP, CMCP Operations Director, Harvest Properties, Inc.

“Gidel & Kocal recently completed a 46,000 square foot Tenant Improvement buildout for a major biosciences company in the South Bay, and I was the Construction Manager. The company we built the project for is growing rapidly, so the design and build were in a constant mode of changes and additions as the work was being completed. We also had a very tight timeline to meet and a realistic budget. The team from Gidel & Kocal was outstanding. They were flexible as requests for change came in, responsive in understanding the client growth needs, making suggestions and pro-active ideas to make the process smoother and painless. The client moved into their new space on time and budget and Gidel & Kocal stayed with them as they further modified the space to make it work for each lab manager. I highly recommend Gidel & Kocal and I look forward to working with them again soon.”

— Gina Caruso Senior Vice President of Project Management, Impec Group

Scott Pritchett

“We have worked with Gidel & Kocal Construction on numerous and varied projects ranging from courtyard amenity space remodels, tenant improvements for both professional service and technology companies focused on heavy private office, and open office concept buildouts respectively to exterior water proofing projects over the past few years. There are several reasons Gidel & Kocal is one of our “core” GCs here in the Bay Area: 1) It begins and ends with superior quality and workmanship across all trades; 2) collaborating with our management team on finding cost-effective solutions to building problems for our clients; 3) providing an accurate schedule that is both comprehensive and achievable; 4) delivering market competitive pricing through detailed pre-construction planning; and 5) assigning “best in the business” project teams to manage our jobs from start to finish. I trust Gidel & Kocal to take care of our clients’ and tenants’ needs on a project and they deliver 100% of the time!”

— Scott Pritchett President of Commercial Operations, Woodmont Real Estate Services

Jennifer Mauro


“G&K went above and beyond on a 20,000sf Tenant Improvement that had a near impossible deadline to meet. They accepted the job despite the eight-week turnaround to gut and rebuild the space. Despite the amount of stress the time crunch created, and not to mention the last minute changes by the tenant, they were tireless in their approach to this job and always accommodating and wonderful to work with. They got it done on time and within budget. It was our first time working together and I could not have been happier to have them on this project! Ashley, Lance and the team became my favorite go-to GC!”

— Jennifer Mauro General Manager, Swift Real Estate Partners

William Rindone


“I have worked with G&K for over 2 years now, on a fairly large 6 story building for biotech/life science tenant improvements. One thing I like and appreciate with the folks at G&K, is that when there are issues to resolve, they always step up, help provide solutions, make recommendations, provide real-time input from the field, etc. which is why they are a valuable team player. Construction, for the most part, is no longer an “us” vs. “them” mentality, and I have been fortunate to work WITH G&K through this complicated project.


One superintendent that has been a true team player is Mike Habing. The lines of responsibility are fuzzy (in a good way) where with he and I, we don’t stay in our area, we help each other for the common good for our shared client. There is a high level of trust that I have with Mike and the team. If they tell me something, I know I can trust it, and when necessary, of course, we follow-up with the appropriate paperwork, but with construction schedules being what they are, we always need to keep our eyes focused on the target and the best way to do that is together. Steve Smith has been a constant PM on this project from start to finish and has a depth of experience and knowledge to also help solve problems and he always has his eyes focused on the right goal, to finish well.”

— William Rindone Senior Vice President, McFarlane Architects

Steve Griswold

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“I have had the pleasure to work with Gidel & Kocal Construction for the last 25 years. The honesty and integrity that they bring to each project makes working with them what construction is supposed to be. G&K pays attention to the whole project, not just what is on the plans but everything that will make the job work from start to move-in. Lance, Alyssa, Ashley and the whole team have the experience and knowledge that brings everything together. Note that my office manager walked in as I was typing this out and made the comment that she wished we did more work for Gidel & Kocal. That says it all. They stand apart as a great group to work with.”

— Steve Griswold President, Grizzly Ceiling Systems, Inc.

Sarah Andrews


“Our organization has been working with Gidel & Kocal for many years and have found them to be an action-oriented, professional, safe, friendly and trustworthy construction company. What puts them above the rest is their ability to foresee potential problems that may come up in the future either after reviewing plans or observing on-site conditions at the property and providing several solutions to choose from to correct the issue right away so that time and money is not wasted down the road to make such corrections. I would recommend Gidel & Kocal for projects of any size or intricacy.”

— Sarah Andrews Property Manager, Nearon Enterprises
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