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Have you outgrown an existing commercial facility such as a retail store, life sciences building, auto dealership or bank? Is it time for an upgrade to meet your customers' evolving requirements and attract new business? If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gidel & Kocal Construction can transform your building to enhance its functionality and optimize its aesthetic appeal.

Whether it is a full building renovation or just a facelift Gidel & Kocal Construction can help you improve your building’s design for present and future needs. We will use our many years of experience to help guide you through the process all while keeping your project on schedule and in budget.

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Trust Our Expertise to Help You Make the Best Decision

Many factors come into play when deciding whether renovating an existing building or building anew. Both circumstances have their own set of pros and cons, ultimately serving the client's best needs. Gidel & Kocal takes into account all requirements, costs and intended use to help make your decision more clear.

While there are no definitive answers, the decision will rely heavily on the circumstances facing different challenges. With four decades of construction experience, we can provide valuable insight that other Bay Area remodeling companies can't offer. Call Gidel & Kocal at (408) 370-0280 to point your team in the right direction, we can help you reach the best solution.


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We Do Full and Partial Building Renovations

If you decide to move forward with a renovation project, Gidel & Kocal can handle jobs of any size or scope. If you're like some of our clients, you might need to build an addition to provide the extra space needed to grow your operation.

We also work with businesses that are leasing a new facility and want to customize the layout to their tenants' operational requirements, which typically requires more extensive remodeling work. No matter what you wish to accomplish, we'll help you meet your objectives.

What Are the Benefits of Building Renovations?

Whether you're looking to remodel all or part of your Bay Area facility, the process offers several advantages:

  • Lower price: Given the high cost of new construction in the Bay Area, commercial renovations are typically much less expensive than building from the ground up. Use the money you save to invest in other areas of your operation.
  • Increased value: Upgrading your facility will make it more attractive to prospective buyers if you decide to sell the property at some point. You could get a significant return on your investment.
  • Better work environment: Updating your office space and adding modern features can increase employee comfort and productivity. Your teams will be proud of where they work, which can also enhance your employee retention efforts.
  • Favorable impression: The quality of our Bay Area building renovation services will create an unmistakable "wow" factor with your existing customers and generate more interest with prospects.
  • Increased energy efficiency: With today's green construction technologies, a building renovation can help you conserve energy and reduce your utility costs.

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Gidel & Kocal Construction is a women-owned business that genuinely cares about every client. We're ready to help with your Bay Area remodeling project. To take the next step, fill out and submit our online contact form to request more information.

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