Life Science Conversions in the Bay Area

Life science companies are in constant need of remodels, renovations and ground-up builds to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry. Adhering to building codes and regulations for medical facilities or chemical laboratories requires dedicated attention to detail to ensure these buildings can operate smoothly and legally.

Life science building conversions are needed all over the country, requiring the help of conversion specialists like Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc. We are construction experts specializing in life science conversions, and we have the capabilities to deliver the new facility your operation needs to expand and thrive. Our team practices a collaborative approach, keeping you in the loop while saving you valuable time and money.

We offer various pre-construction and general construction services. If you're interested in how we can help you with an office or lab conversion or new construction on an advanced medical structure, give us a call at (408) 370-0280.

Understanding a Life Science Conversion

The life science industry is responsible for creating products that promote and improve the general public's well-being. Industries like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and food processing make up the kinds of facilities that may require lab or office conversions.

Unlike typical commercial construction projects, life science conversions have unique safety and sanitation requirements and must follow strict standards. These buildings must comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, meet specific lab requirements, and follow mandates set by governmental and environmental agencies.

Life science builders must often foresee various obstacles and swiftly provide solutions. These builds are all about constructing areas that meet strict standards while fitting the space and meeting the team's specific needs. Life science conversions encompass an assortment of building components that may include:

  • Specialized infrastructure
  • HVAC
  • Climate controls
  • Fireproof systems
  • Backup generator power
  • Chemical storage

At Gidel & Kocal, we have helped many companies and organizations within the life science industry build new or revamp existing spaces. This experience has provided us with the skills to schedule efficiently, offer real-time data reporting, create flexible construction processes, obtain the correct certifications and more — characteristics necessary for a trusted life science builder.


Why Choose Gidel & Kocal for Bay-Area Life Science Conversion?

Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc. is a woman-owned construction firm offering comprehensive services to satisfy your needs. Our team performs pre-construction and general construction to help create the facility you need to do your best work. We have been in business for more than 40 years, working tirelessly to provide expert construction services at competitive prices.

Our team has vast experience in office to life science lab conversions, making us the ideal partner for your project. We'll work closely with you to draft a personalized plan and ensure we provide exactly what your facility needs. We'll also take care of budgeting, design development and cost estimating, allowing you to spend more time and energy on your work.

We've performed life science conversions incorporating spaces like the following:

  • Aseptic facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • High containment labs
  • CGMP warehouses
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Office and support space
  • Pilot plants
  • Vivariums
  • Wet and dry laboratories

If you're ready to discuss a new build or conversion project in the Bay Area, contact Gidel & Kocal online today to connect with a team member.

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