Sep 15

Why the Construction Industry Needs More Women

In recent years, the construction industry has experienced a labor shortage crisis, and the deficit is expected to continue growing. As of 2020, only 10.3% of all construction workers were women, but experts anticipate that number will increase quickly. With the construction industry currently experiencing a large shortage of talented workers, it’s more essential for women to join the construction workforce than ever.

The following are just a few of the benefits of women working in construction, both for the companies and the female workers themselves:

Skilled Labor

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, women in the workforce excel at cooperative and communicative ability, exhibiting these skills at higher rates than men in the workforce. Bringing women into the construction trade also increases the industry’s diversity of thought and encourages new approaches that improve efficiency and productivity.

Lots of Job Opportunities

Construction is one of the few industries where women are afforded the same job opportunities at almost exactly the same compensation as men. This fact has led some to consider construction a “great equalizer” when it comes to opportunity and compensation. Construction jobs also only require brief training compared to many other professional programs, which allows those without the opportunity to afford higher education to get a foothold in a well-paying industry.


More Women in Leadership Positions

Construction has ample opportunities for leadership and frequently places women in managerial positions. The more women entering the construction workforce, the higher a company’s profits tend to be, and research has demonstrated that companies in the top 25% of gender-diverse workplaces tend to outperform their competition by 15%. As workplaces and leadership become more diverse, the increase in thought diversity increases their productivity, efficiency and profit.

Great Networking Opportunities

While women only make up a small portion of the American construction workforce at the moment, construction has ample networking opportunities and allows women workers to connect with others in the field. Construction networking groups present an amazing chance to grow in this industry.

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