Sep 15

How to Stick to Your Construction Project Timeline

In the construction business, going over your original timeline has the potential to cost thousands of dollars in labor and materials. By performing the following actions, you can stick to your construction budget, keep your work on schedule, and prevent unanticipated problems and costs from holding you back.

Work With a Full-Service Construction Company

Full-service construction companies take all the hard work and number crunching out of the construction process so your business can focus on more important things. With a full-service construction company, you’ll get the labor, equipment, materials and all other construction essentials you need without having to sit through endless meetings or phone calls with various contractors. Full-service construction companies are often more cost-effective than their counterparts.


Review the Work Site Periodically

By periodically reviewing your work site, you can point out missteps before they’re finished and get your project back on course. Construction reviews have the ability to improve your project’s design quality, save time during construction and most importantly, prevent future rework. In the event that issues do arise, you’ll be able to identify and resolve them before they permanently alter the integrity of your project and make it impossible to stick to your construction budget.

Pick All of Your Materials Before Starting

To stick to your timeline and stay on budget, it’s essential that you choose all of your materials before beginning a project. It’s relatively common for construction materials to be on backorder and require quite a bit of time before they can be shipped to your site. Other materials require extra prep work before they can be installed and must be accounted for before creating your project timeline. By purchasing all of the required materials for your worksite in advance, you’ll save money and time.

Give Yourself a Buffer

Unfortunately, there are unavoidable interruptions that occur on every type of job site. From shipping delays to inclement weather, it’s essential that your project plan has ample room in its schedule to accommodate interruptions. By expecting the worst and giving yourself extra cushion time, you can ensure that your deadlines are realistic.

Full-Service Construction From Gidel and Kocal

At Gidel and Kocal, we’re a full-service construction company that’s committed to always keeping our client’s projects on schedule and staying on budget during construction. We’ve been working in this industry for more than 40 years and have performed remodels and conversions on buildings all around Northern California, Central California and the Bay Area. Contact us online today or give us a call at (408) 370-0280 to learn how Gidel and Kocal can get your construction project done right on time.

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