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What Is a Commercial Building?

Since the modern age of construction, commercial buildings have existed to serve a number of purposes. Businesses, offices, retail establishments, and other enterprises are all housed in commercial buildings. We interact with these important structures on a daily basis, as they contribute to the overall functioning of society. Commercial buildings vary in terms of their intended use, as do the safety codes and standards by which they are built. Keep reading to learn more about what a commercial building is and why sustainable construction of commercial buildings matters. 

The Different Types of Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings come in all shapes and forms. While there are countless types of commercial buildings, some of the most common include:

  • Office buildings: Designed for businesses where administrative and professional work are done.
  • Retail buildings: Designed for the sale of goods to the public, like shopping malls, grocery stores, and department stores.
  • Industrial buildings: Designed for manufacturing and other industrial purposes, such as factories and warehouses.
  • Hospitality buildings: Designed to house people, such as hotels and resorts.

Importance of Commercial Buildings

What Is A Commercial Building

As a designated place for companies to conduct business, a commercial building is more than just a structure. Business operations need a home base; customers need places to frequent; deals, negotiations, and processes need a physical location in which they can be executed. Commercial buildings exist for all of this and to enable businesses to keep our economy moving forward.

What’s more, commercial buildings are integral in developing urban areas. They are often the basis behind the creation of more jobs and the impetus for stimulating economic growth. These structures build up communities and make it easier to access goods and services, employment opportunities, and spaces for public gatherings.

Sustainable Commercial Buildings

Modern commercial buildings have started to become more sustainable in response to climate change. Green building practices have been adopted by many construction services to lessen our carbon footprint. By using renewable energy sources, minimizing waste and pollution, and integrating sustainable materials, sustainable commercial buildings have become increasingly popular in recent years. Because of this, energy-efficient buildings are now more or less the standard in the construction industry.

Commercial buildings are critical for the business operations of companies that exist today, that will exist tomorrow, and that plan to be around for years to come. How we construct commercial buildings will inform how we’ll meet the needs of everyday consumers. No matter how the world changes, we will always need somewhere to conduct business. Commercial buildings will always serve that purpose. If you’re looking for a general contractor to work on a commercial building for your business, Gidel & Kocal Construction Co. Inc. is here to help. Our work in commercial building construction spans a variety of industries including life science construction, medical facilities, auto dealerships, financial institutions, retail, and more.  Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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