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Gidel & Local’s 6 Stages of Construction Projects Explained

Every successful construction project starts with having the right project management team in place. Whether you’re building a life sciences facility, a retail shop, an auto dealership, or something else entirely, the right commercial  general contractor will have the tools and team members in place to help you execute the job and leave you satisfied with the result. Business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California turn to Gidel & Kocal for top tier construction management services.

From design to project completion, our team gives every client the detailed attention and commitment to quality they deserve. Our structured approach to project management includes several phases such as pre-construction planning, design and development, pre-construction preparation, construction execution, quality control and testing, and finally the project completion and handover. This highly detailed and process-oriented approach has been the basis for numerous successful construction projects across various industries. Here’s how we do it.

1. Pre-Construction Planning: Laying the Foundation

Gidel & Local’s 6 Stages of Construction Projects Explained

Detailed pre-construction planning is integral to the overall success of any construction project. Planning starts long before the workers actually break ground. Just some of the activities involved in pre-construction planning include conducting a site analysis, running feasibility studies, budgeting, and developing a realistic timeline. Proper planning lays down the foundation for the project so both the client and the construction company enjoy a smoother process overall.

As one of the most important stages of construction, pre-construction planning offers several benefits, some of which include: 

  • Fewer change orders once construction begins
  • Budget approved by client to prevent extraneous spending
  • Established quality expectations
  • Comprehensive plan of action for workers and client

Gidel & Kocal is highly committed to understanding each client’s needs from the moment we decide to work together. It is our mission to align project goals with our clients’ requirements. Establishing what these are from the start is the best way to ensure that they get executed successfully.

2. Design and Development: Shaping the Vision

Once the pre-construction planning has been laid out, the next step in the stages of construction is design and development. Here at Gidel & Kocal, our team collaborates with architects and designers to transform concepts into viable construction plans. We pride ourselves on working with high level professionals who can deliver innovative design solutions that optimize functionality, aesthetics, and compliance. All three of these components are necessary when building a structurally sound facility.

Working with the right professionals is key, but so is how you work together. Gidel & Kocal prioritizes clear communication. Our years of experience in the field have shown us how important it is to refine designs until they are exactly what the client is looking for. It’s only once we get the client’s seal of approval that we can move onto the next stage of construction: pre-construction preparation services.

3. Pre-Construction Preparation: Navigating Regulatory Waters

There are many components that go into pre-construction services, some of which include acquiring the necessary permits and approvals. As a commercial general contractor in the Bay Area, Gidel & Kocal has extensive experience with local regulations. We know what goes into obtaining these permits and what steps need to be taken ahead of time to avoid delays during construction.

Working with our experienced team delivers copious benefits, one of which being a construction company that accounts for environmental considerations and sustainability. Gidel & Kocal understands the fragile state of our planet and goes to great lengths to promote sustainable methods throughout each stage of construction.

4. Construction Execution: Turning Visions Into Reality

Reaching the actual construction phase is where all the planning gets put into effect. Our hands-on approach is more evident here than anywhere else. Gidel & Kocal is heavily involved in each component of construction to ensure quality control, adherence to safety standards, and manage all subcontractors (whom we have worked with before on prior projects). Our project managers are excellent in what they do, which is one of the major reasons our construction projects turn out so successfully time and time again. Not only do we employ only the most competent and experienced professionals, but we support them with a proven system of operations and innovative technology.

Consistent progress tracking, efficient project management software, and effective communication are the keys to a well-executed construction project.

5. Quality Control and Testing Ensuring Excellence

It’s not enough to construct a beautiful building and call it a day. The rigorous quality control processes Gidel & Kocal employs set us apart from other general contractors in the area. It’s true that we produce beautiful work, but any construction project is only as good as its ability to pass inspections.

Every type of building has its own set of requirements. For example, a mixed use building will have a different set of criteria from a life science conversion. We have extensive knowledge of how to build according to each type of commercial building’s regulations. That means we will not only erect a structure that looks great, but also passes all regulatory tests with flying colors.

6. Project Completion and Handover: Fulfilling Commitments

Gidel & Kocal would be nothing if not for our unwavering commitment to our clients. That includes quality results delivered in a timely manner. It is only once we feel that every box has been checked and every expectation has been met that we will confidently hand over a finished project to our clients. We wrap up the stages of construction with final inspections and client walkthroughs. It is during this last step that we address what the client needs to know to facilitate a seamless transition from construction to occupancy. By offering a complete and comprehensive close-out package after project completion, including a warranty, our clients can rest assured that they have everything they need to care for their new facility.

Gidel & Kocal: Your Trusted Partner in Construction

The stages of construction we use at Gidel & Kocal are comprehensive, thorough, and detail oriented for a reason. Our years of experience have shown us that this methodology will deliver the best results; we will settle for nothing less for our clients. We start with pre-construction planning, bring in architects and designers for the design and development stage and move onto obtaining permits to start building so that we’re ready to hit the ground running once construction gets underway. From there, we meticulously monitor all parties’ work through extensive project tracking, analysis, and reporting. Once the build is complete, we run quality control tests to verify safety and efficacy before coming full circle with the project handoff.

Gidel & Kocal is known for exceeding clients’ expectations. We pride ourselves on the safe, structurally sound, and high quality construction projects we deliver. See these 6 stages of construction in action for yourself when you reach out to Gidel & Kocal today. Contact us now!

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