Sep 16

Construction Trends to Watch For

The construction industry is constantly changing and further developing its capabilities. Here are some of the top construction trends to watch out for in 2021 and beyond.

Technology Advancements

The past few years have seen a dramatic rise in both drone usage and augmented reality technology. Construction drones provide teams with incredible overhead views of land so they can get a perfect perspective on it before it’s developed. They can also yield valuable insight into how job sites are currently progressing. By taking drone footage of your build site during each phase of the process, you can ensure that nothing’s falling through the cracks.

Augmented reality is also experiencing rapid adoption in the construction field as the industry updates its technology. With augmented reality, you can visualize your project before you begin construction and see what parts of the design you’d like to change before they’re finalized. This capability saves a tremendous amount of time and money and lessens the likelihood of your construction team having to change plans during the build.

Green Building

As traditional fuel becomes more and more expensive, it pays to invest in green building techniques. Solar panels are a trend that’s here to stay and are attractive due to their high return on investment as well as their tax benefits. Compared to traditional electricity sources from natural gas and coal, modern solar panels are more reliable and actually give off surplus energy that goes back to the grid.

Solar panels

Sustainable building materials are another major green building trend. Features like insulated concrete framing, eco-friendly insulation and smart glass windows all improve energy efficiency while keeping total building costs low. Green building is attractive to consumers for its ability to simultaneously prevent waste and increase sustainability while boosting return on investment.

Construction Management Software

Construction management software helps you keep your projects on track and prevents you from going over budget. The right software will help you enhance your project planning from beginning to end and give you the insight necessary to make excellent decisions. With construction management software, you can improve your project’s budget management, communication, scheduling and cost control.


More Women Entering the Field

As the construction field continues to experience labor shortages, the entrance of women into the field is more important than ever. Research has shown that women are just as skilled as men in the construction trade, and this industry has one of the lowest gender pay gaps in America.

Gidel and Kocal is proud to be a woman-owned construction company. We’re run by President Ashley Gidel and CFO Alyssa Pedersen, and we’re proud to bring Gidel and Kocal into the 21st century.

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