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Benefits of Pre-Construction Service


The planning process is a crucial aspect of construction. No company can afford an unexpected delay or obstacle when it comes to construction. That’s why more and more project owners are making us of pre-construction services. These services save them numerous resources in the long run and add plenty of additional value to commercial construction projects.

Generally, pre-construction services plan out construction projects in detail in advance and provide project or building managers with a complete strategy to solve potential issues prior to and during the construction process. This preparation ends up saving companies a significant amount of money and time throughout the process.

Top 3 Pre-Construction Benefits

It’s crucial for a construction company to have a clear understanding of the plan, budget and schedules before a construction project starts to ensure a smooth working process for each party involved. Here are the three most significant pre-construction benefits and how pre-construction adds value for both clients and construction companies.

1. Acts as a Management Plan to Help Guide the Construction Process

One of the primary benefits of pre-construction services is having a project management plan that sets out exactly how the project will be managed throughout the construction process. The construction company and client will work together to develop an initial management plan and set specific parameters, such as the roles, responsibilities and timelines for each phase. This management plan guides the clients and workers through the process, ensures that all teams involved stay on track and creates a schedule for the project.

Only after you determine the full scope of a construction project can you create an initial project schedule. It’s crucial that the preliminary schedule identifies all key milestones throughout the construction process and schedules each step that needs to happen at specific points during construction. This schedule helps organize and coordinate the project from start to finish and provides a clear outline of what’s needed for the project to reach successful completion.

From the initial preliminary schedule, the construction company will approve a final master schedule, which then becomes the baseline schedule that will determine how the construction project needs to play out. Within the schedule, every construction and design activity is clearly defined with specific start dates and approval dates. As a result, each party knows exactly what to expect every step of the way and can prevent possible changes that could extend the project deadline.

2. Creates a Set Budget Ahead of Time

Based on the management plan and outlining the scope and the requirements of the project, the construction manager will set a budget for the project. To accurately estimate the initial budget for a construction project, there are a number of factors managers consider. Some of these factors include historical cost databases, current market conditions and the costs of equipment, suppliers, materials and subcontractors. Generally, the construction company will provide more than one estimate as they work through different options with a client.

Another beneficial part of the process is identifying the costs of possible issues that might arise in the construction process and opportunities to save money. This potential for cost savings is one of the most significant benefits of pre-construction services. When establishing the final budget for the project, clients will often have their own ideas regarding their desired budget, but it takes planning and thought to determine the actual, realistic budget.

A large part of creating the budget will be dependent on the measures of cost control by the construction company. Before finalizing the design and final budget for any project, a construction company will take one more glance at the cost and scope to identify potential ways of cutting costs, either through seeking input from subcontractors to find out if market conditions have changed, evaluating cost models and conceptual estimating or managing cash flow. Only after they’ve analyzed these avenues will they create a final budget.

By having a set budget before construction starts, you’re able to plan for every possible scenario down the line. This preparation allows you to avoid spending unnecessary money on repairs after construction and ensures unexpected changes during construction won’t affect your budget significantly. A master budget is also easy to monitor and update to continue managing the project effectively and cover unexpected expenses if they occur later on.


3. Allows You to Examine Facilities Before Construction Starts

The design-bid-build method generally doesn’t take into account the costs of issues that might show up later on a site, such as disruptions between electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems. With pre-construction services, a strategy is provided to deal with complicated issues at the beginning, before decisions about budgets and time schedules have been established.

A part of the pre-construction service includes the construction company visiting the site and analyzing its viability before construction occurs. This visit entails determining whether the site would be a good fit for the project’s requirements and forecasting possible future site issues and their costs. Aspects that construction companies often inspect include the existing infrastructure, soil, capacity and location.

Another important part is obtaining proper approvals for the site prior to building. Most people in the industry will be well aware of the fact there are a number of permissions needed for most projects. However, some don’t realize that these approvals or permits need to be acquired in the pre-construction phase, not when construction starts. Included in most pre-construction services is getting site approvals and building permits and any other additional permits before construction begins.

Being able to establish whether a space is suitable for building and meets your unique needs through pre-construction services like plan reviews and facility analysis can save you money and time in the long run. It also prevents you from starting a project that doesn’t truly align with your or the client’s goals.

Our Pre-Construction Services for Commercial Construction

At Gidel & Kocal Construction, we offer a range of pre-construction services in the greater Bay Area and ensure the quality of your project, from start to finish. The unique pre-construction process we employ includes a series of steps for you to feel prepared before construction begins. The pre-construction services for commercial construction we offer include:

  • Design development
  • Constructability review
  • Value engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Cost estimation

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