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Breathing New Life Into Old Buildings: The Art of Successful Building Renovations

A successful commercial building renovation starts with a solid foundation. To know where you want to go, you have to know where you’ve been. Clients from all types of industries come to Gidel & Kocal to help modernize their buildings because they trust that we will preserve the integrity of the space while bringing it into the current era.

Breathing New Life Into Old Buildings_ The Art of Successful Building Renovations

A commercial building renovation project looks different for everyone. Some clients are looking to expand, while others want to change the building’s infrastructure. Whatever your goals, Gidel & Kocal is here to help you achieve them. Our building renovation services are customized to each client’s specific needs. From historic preservation to adaptive reuse, we’ll take you from outdated to reimagined in the safest, most efficient, most client-centered way possible.

The Benefits of Building Renovations

The benefits of renovating an existing building for updated use cannot be overstated. While new construction certainly has its time and place, commercial remodels offer unique cultural, price, value, and environmental advantages.

Just some of the benefits of commercial building renovations include:

  • Lower prices. Commercial renovations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California tend to be less expensive than building from the ground up.
  • Higher value. Building upgrades increase the value of a property, which is attractive to prospective buyers. This will give you a considerable ROI should you decide to sell in the future.
  • Cultural preservation. Renovations that preserve the existing infrastructure of a building help maintain community roots, especially if the structure is a pillar of the neighborhood.
  • Environmental advantages. Green construction is more sustainable and lends itself to the successful modernization of today’s buildings. This may help tenants and occupants conserve energy and reduce utility costs.

Historic Preservation: Reviving the Past

An interesting segment of commercial building renovations involves historic preservation, which can be both challenging and rewarding for clients and general contractors alike. Historical buildings hold a special significance in our culture, as they are testaments to important moments of the past. Still, whether for safety purposes or to stay up to code, there comes a time when even artifacts such as these must be renovated. Gidel & Kocal has extensive experience restoring and preserving historic landmark buildings. We are fully equipped to handle jobs of any size, scope, and specification. Our team understands how to mix modernization with a building’s original architectural authenticity. Clients trust that by working with us, their buildings will still feel like their own – just better.

Adaptive Reuse: Transforming Purpose

Another element of commercial building renovations is adaptive reuse, which involves repurposing a building to meet new needs. This approach is commonly used for historic and/or underutilized structures. Some of the benefits of adaptive reuse include:

  • Preservation of heritage. The building’s exterior aesthetics often remain the same or similar while the interior serves a new purpose.
  • Enhancing sustainability. The adoption of more environmentally friendly construction practices reduces the need for new resources and minimizes waste.
  • Economic growth. Transforming a building for new use can expand the job market in a given neighborhood and contribute to a stronger economy.

Whether it’s in the form of converting factories to warehouses or offices to life science conversions, adaptive reuse is a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible way to integrate modernization into commercial construction.

Overcoming Renovation Challenges: Case Studies in Success

The potential for commercial building renovations to have a positive impact on society is huge, but only when done correctly. Gidel & Kocal is familiar with the challenges that come with modernizing a property. From addressing structural issues to modifying properties to meet modern building codes, there are numerous elements to take into consideration.

One of our most recent successful commercial building renovations was 2300 Orchard Parkway, a Tenant Improvement project. Given that it was originally built in 1997, the building was due for an extensive renovation. This 116,381 square foot Class A office space in San Jose, California drew serious interest from developers and contractors looking to satisfy clients’ desires to turn the space into corporate campuses. Gidel & Kocal successfully won the project and transformed it into one of the most desirable office buildings in the North San Jose area.

The Impact of Renovations

Commercial building renovations have the potential to positively impact communities, preserve historically and culturally significant properties, and enhance sustainability through environmentally friendly construction methods. Gidel & Kocal recognizes these benefits, which is why both full and partial building renovations are part of our portfolio.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to renovate your existing commercial building, contact us at Gidel & Kocal today!

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