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The Power of Pre-Construction Planning: Ensuring Smooth Project Execution

The Power of Pre-Construction Planning: Ensuring Smooth Project Execution

Want to know what it takes to successfully execute a commercial construction project? Pre-construction planning. Building a structurally sound commercial building is extensive and involved, requiring multiple components for a successful outcome. Commercial pre-construction planning is just one piece of the puzzle, but it is arguably one of the most important pieces. The best way to end up with the building your clients envision is with proper planning.  Gidel & Kocal is here to make sure that goes smoothly right from the start.

What is Pre-Construction?

Pre-construction services start long before the first day of actual construction. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on prior to workers actually breaking ground on a building site. Pre-construction planning involves laying out the foundation for the work itself and establishing expectations. Included in commercial pre-construction is budgeting, scheduling, risk assessment & mitigation, and stakeholder collaboration. Each step is vital to a streamlined project execution. The right general contractor will understand the importance of pre-construction and prioritize it above all else.

At Gidel & Kocal, pre-construction planning is one of our core competencies. Our comprehensive delivery of pre-construction often leads to us winning the actual construction work for the rest of the project. This was the case when we worked with Nitrome Biosciences. The client initially engaged Gidel & Kocal for pre-construction planning, but once they saw the value we brought in that area, they felt confident that we were the right team to finish the job. Our priority is to set clients up for a successful buildout. Our approach to commercial pre-construction is to be as thorough as possible so construction runs smoothly and hiccup-free. Here’s what goes into it.

Budgeting and Cost-Control

Once the project objectives have been set and the initial designs have been submitted, it’s time to implement budgeting. Proper cost estimation is critical for the effective project management of any commercial construction project. Clients have set financial parameters they have to stay within; it’s up to the construction team to determine the feasibility of construction within those parameters. Understanding how much everything will cost (including each stage of construction, procurement, manual labor, etc.) is a critical component of ensuring both client and stakeholder satisfaction.

Outlining the budget during pre-construction planning helps avoid spending money on revisions later down the line. Change orders may still occur, but they will likely be less extensive than had a budget not been set prior.

Scheduling for Efficiency

Part of staying on task throughout the actual construction process is knowing where you are and where you’re going. Having a detailed schedule and adhering to it keeps everyone on track and promotes accountability. Gidel & Kocal is well known for the efficient construction schedules we put together during the pre-construction planning stages. We lay out every step ahead of time to maximize productivity and prevent downtime

While we understand that every client would like their project to be done “yesterday,” we’re also realistic with our timelines. The transparent nature in which we work is such that clients know what to expect. We never promise something we can’t deliver. The conceptual schedules we create not only include start and end dates for execution, but also who will complete the work and what is needed (labor, resources, materials) for it to get done on time.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Strong pre-construction planning firms know that it is not enough to plan for success; you also have to plan for the challenges ahead. Our risk assessment and mitigation strategies are put in place to prevent accidents from occuring, but also to navigate them with ease in the off chance that they happen. This includes ensuring clean construction sites, acquiring permits, ensuring OSHA compliance, and so much more. The right general contractor will have accounted for all potential risks during pre-construction and will have taken steps to minimize their likelihood of materializing.

Collaboration for Success

Communication and collaboration are pivotal to the success of any construction project. In commercial construction, there tends to be a lot of moving parts with several decision makers to account for. Clients, stakeholders, and the construction team must be in alignment in order for the project to achieve its objectives. Establishing the best modes of communication can help foster collaboration and teamwork, which can prevent delays. Every project works a bit differently. Some clients prefer regularly scheduled check-ins while others simply want to be alerted as needed. All of this should be discussed during pre-construction.

If you’re ready to put the power of pre-construction planning into effect, Gidel & Kocal is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our preconstruction services.

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