What is Procurement in Construction?

Every commercial construction project involves a series of steps even before the actual labor can commence. These preliminary processes are known as pre-construction services, and they account for a significant amount of ensuring that the onsite construction goes as planned. Procurement in construction is one of the most important elements of pre-construction. In its most general sense, construction procurement involves securing and/or purchasing materials and labor needed for a given project. The ins and outs of procurement in construction, however, go far beyond simply acquiring the necessary materials. Experienced general contractors like Gidel & Kocal Construction Company know exactly what is necessary to facilitate smooth procurement in construction, regardless of the scope, size, or industry of the construction project.

What is Involved in Procurement in Construction?

As a leading commercial general construction contractor in the Bay Area, our team has a wealth of experience working with a variety of clients. Our areas of focus include life sciences, medical, financial institutions, auto dealerships, retail, commercial spaces, market ready/tenant improvements, building renovations, and more. Regardless of the industry, all build outs and renovation projects have a few things in common, one of them being the need for materials and labor. That’s where procurement in construction comes in. Strategy, expertise, and extensive experience all contribute to procuring the right materials and labor for any given project.

Types of Procurement in Construction

Materials and supplies aside, there are several factors that must be considered as they pertain to procurement in construction. These include:

  • Cost (labor, materials, parts, equipment)
  • Lead time
  • Quality of production
  • Risk tolerance
  • …and more

A Contractor’s Role in Procurement in Construction

Qualified general contractors like Gidel & Kocal are critical to the success of construction procurement. Not only is it our role to secure the right materials and personnel for the job, but we also have to ensure proper quality, quantity, size, and account for various additional aspects that could impact the projected timeline and budget of the entire project.

Some general contractors will designate specific employees to be construction procurement managers. It is their responsibility to maintain construction schedules, arrange for bid management as it pertains to procurement of individuals and supplies, and manage all resources related to acquiring all that is needed to get the job done correctly. 

How Gidel & Kocal Handles Procurement in Construction

Here at Gidel & Kocal, we understand the importance of operating with a “bigger picture” mindset with procurement in construction. None of our services are isolated from one another; rather, they work in tandem to promote cohesion, all with the goal of delivering clients a job well done. 

Procurement in construction is technically part of our pre-construction services, with close ties to the bid management process. With that said, there is also overlap between construction procurement and project monitoring and reports. As the construction work is underway, managers must remain abreast of all changes as they occur and make adjustments if need be. Well-executed construction procurement starts when you hire the right general contractor. Gidel & Kocal has over 40 years of experience managing procurement in construction for companies in and around Silicon Valley. Contact us today to learn more about how we can do the same for you.

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