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Construction Scheduling

There are several services that fall under the umbrella of pre-construction, some of which include construction planning, cost estimating and budgeting, and construction scheduling.  At Gidel & Kocal Construction Company, Inc., we see to it that every project is completed with accuracy and precision from the very beginning. Construction scheduling helps keep all parties in check throughout the entirety of the project so everyone’s expectations can be met every step of the way.

What is Construction Scheduling?

Staying on schedule in any construction project is critical to the overall success of a build. Construction scheduling can be broad as well as specific. It may include an overall project deadline as well as checkpoints and milestones along the way. All of these factors may contribute to whether or not a project will be completed on time.

Construction scheduling goes in line with conceptual scheduling, which is a key service we offer here at Gidel & Kocal Construction Company. Conceptual scheduling involves developing a more generalized outline of what clients and subcontractors can expect when it comes to completion dates and projected deadlines. This general schedule has approximate start and end dates for every project phase with the understanding that changes may need to be made as the project progresses. Key to Gidel & Kocal’s success is the transparent nature by which we work. Should modifications to the construction scheduling need to be made, we are always quick to communicate them to clients and receive their approval before proceeding.

Understanding the Importance of Construction Scheduling

Construction Scheduling

Adhering to an agreed-upon construction schedule helps everyone stay on track to facilitate a more efficient workflow. Abiding by a schedule may reduce costs or prevent unexpected costs from arising down the line. Companies that know how to properly implement construction scheduling typically see better efficiency, less waste, and higher client satisfaction.

A reliable schedule can provide all parties the opportunity to see which of the construction activities need more time when compared to others. Allocating time properly will lead to avoiding cost overruns and construction delays as well.

How Our Construction Scheduling Services Work

Construction scheduling is not just about establishing a time frame for individual facets of a project. It also involves the following services:

  • Establishing timelines for consultants and architects
  • Evaluating any critical path in a contractor’s schedule
  • Preparing pre-construction as well as actual project timeframes
  • Identifying milestones for each team to maintain accountability
  • Monitoring progress and updating schedules throughout the project

Why Choose Gidel & Kocal’s Construction Scheduling Services?

Part of our commitment to customer satisfaction here at Gidel & Kocal Construction Company, Inc. is to provide our customers with the proper systems in place that will enhance the overall construction experience.  Our construction scheduling services go beyond setting deadlines but also include implementing a system of checks to ensure that the schedule is being followed.

With that said, we can make adjustments to give room for solving unavoidable problems that may come up along the way. We understand the fickle nature of the construction industry. Sometimes changes may need to be made, which is why we factor in space for adjustments and constantly monitor every project we are involved in. Over four decades of experience in this industry have made us experts in knowing what our clients in the Bay Area want and need.

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