Aug 22

Building Strong Bonds: Our Summer Family Potluck!

Peoples posing for photo

Our construction family is far more than a professional network; it’s a thriving community that fosters mutual support and understanding. This unity effortlessly extends beyond this event, shaping our daily work where cooperation and trust are the cornerstones of our achievements. Just as diverse materials form a sturdy structure, our team members’ diverse talents and backgrounds create a robust and resilient workforce.

In the world of construction, solid foundations are key, not just for buildings but also for relationships. This summer, Gidel & Kocal took a step beyond the construction site, hosting a remarkable Summer Family Potluck that blended games, a raffle, BBQ delights, and pool fun! Besides the festivities, this event embodied more than just a day of celebration; it showcased our shared family ethos, reminding us that our success in business is deeply rooted in our tight-knit unity.

Being a family-run company adds another layer of significance to our unity. Our commitment to collaboration, respect, and shared success is woven into the very fabric of our business. As we continue to welcome new additions into our construction family, they seamlessly integrate into our rich history that has been built on decades of hard work and dedication. This sense of legacy not only fuels our progress but also enriches our connections, ensuring that our unity spans generations.

Amid the sounds of laughter and the exchange of stories, it became even clearer that we are far more than just coworkers. We are a family that thrives on building lasting relationships, just as we construct enduring structures. By sharing the joys of the poolside and the triumphs of the raffle, we not only celebrated our togetherness but also fortified our readiness to face challenges collectively both in construction and in our business endeavors.

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