Nov 8

5D Informational Modeling – Future of Construction

5D Informational Modeling

Traditional pre-construction and conceptual design processes have relied on sketches, rough floor plans and conversations between the architect and building owner. While these steps are important, they don’t provide the in-depth perspective that all project stakeholders need to ensure a project’s success. Five-dimensional building information modeling (5D BIM) can fill the void.

What is 5D BIM?

5D BIM models are revolutionizing the pre-construction process. This advanced technique entails the real-time data extraction or development of parametric components within a building model. Unlike 3D modeling, which provides a three-dimensional portrayal of geometrical and design parameters, a 5D BIM model enables all parties involved in the project to identify, assess and record the effects that changes to design elements such as materials, layouts and square footage have on the final cost.

5D BIM combines advanced technologies with a new way of approaching projects to enhance the delivery of outputs and foster a more collaborative culture. The focus is on providing timely information that facilitates more accurate cost estimates, scheduling and design integration. Project teams and other stakeholders have more opportunities to explore multiple scenarios and make more informed design decisions.

Future of Pre-Construction

Architects, contractors, facility management personnel and others involved in building projects can derive numerous benefits from 5D BIM implementation:

  • Reduced risk: Using real-time BIM dimensions enables contractors to develop more accurate cost estimates during every project phase, lowering the likelihood of losses due to miscommunications and mismanagement.
  • Faster decision-making: Access to real-time information regarding the impact of proposed changes allows architects and other parties to react quickly and avoid costly scheduling delays.
  • Interoperability: The ability to share data across multiple applications improves collaboration and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the project.
  • Prevents last-minute changes: BIM modeling can eliminate the need to make late-stage modifications that can place a project behind schedule.
  • Improved quality: Because the entire project team has a clearer understanding of the proposed design and scope, the result is a smooth, seamless project with fewer chances of costly mistakes.

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